~   Letter To A Young Artist # 1 Penny Arcade (via photographsonthebrain)

It’s not that often I re blog things; don’t want people doubting the work being my own.

But I’ve been having this conversation with many people recently (or more accurately, I’ve been trying to explain to people why the question of how I’m going to make money out of what I’m doing is a fundamentally flawed standpoint to view from).

This nails it like a simultaneous orgasm.

~   Hold on, it’ll make less sense when I post the corresponding images don’t worry.


This could be a fun thing #PlayArtfully by rory_blair http://ift.tt/1htHlc9

Love this! Next-level iPhone creativity is what we’re all about.
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"Projected Reality"

3x A1 prints, on hahnemuhle somerset fine art paper.

Edition of 5.

Come and view them from 13th-15th June at the Rag Factory in Brick Lane, London. There’ll also be some amazing work from a range of talented guys and gals newly graduated from the arse end of the UK (Cornwall). It’s a pretty arse.

TiENphotography™ 2014

Billy McEwen

TiENphotography™ 2014


TiENphotography™ 2014

Canvas  by  andbamnan